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Paige Parker here, who else? I love cooking, dancing, and hanging out with my friends. I go to Canterwood Crest Academy, and just recently graduated 8th grade. Im a freshie now. (: Im dating RyRy, who is the best bf ever. I love hanging out with my besties.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's Raining... :[

   Hi everyone! I just wanted to make a quick blog update, in a few minutes I have to go to the common room with Sasha. It's pouring rain outside, and soooo cold in the dorm room! I seriously need to go online shopping for some warmer clothes with S tonight. Need.

   Riding was canceled for tonight (Because of the rain, and the indoor ring is having a lesson for beginners) so Sasha, Callie, and I are just going to hang out in the common room. Maybe make some hot cocoa. (did I mention how fuh-reezing I am?) Oh! Tonight is the perfect night to try out my new chocolate recipe!

   And, oh... did I mention the big news? There's a new girl. She just transferred here this semester. (I thought it was against CCA rules to transfer halfway into the year, but I guess not.) I'm not completely sure of her name; I haven't talked to her yet. But Callie said she sort-of talked to her, so she'll tell us.

   Well, I better go. Sasha's, like, looking over my shoulder right now, and looks really impatient and freezing. I'll update soon, you guys. Give you the news on the new girl and all.

   Oh yeah, and if you read this guys, make sure to follow my blog for updates! Check my latest blog for my facebook/twitter accounts, too. And, I still need to make the blog look much prettier, but I'm on it! Don't worry guys! See you soon!


    P.S. Sasha says hi.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let's welcome...Paige Parker, to blogger! (:

  Aloha, Paige here. I just made a blog (called Paige Parker--how original, right?) and this is my very first post! I've been waaay too busy in high school at Canterwood (Eeep!) but I can still do something fun! If you were wondering what my friends and I have been up to this year, then this is totally the blog you should follow. It's going to be such an amazing site--with regular (probably weekly) updates, polls, and tweets/pictures!
  I apologize for any kinks in the blog so far, I'm still getting used to the settings and templates. It's alot different than facebook! If you could help me out, feel free to comment. I have tons of questions. Like, how do you add countdowns? And how do you connect your twitter, so ppl can view tweets? And I have alot more questions as well! (: Lol, so if you could, spread the word around? I want this blog to be just as popular as Lauren's is. (Um, yeah, of course I know about her. Sasha's been ranting about her for, what? The past month? She's so excited that the girl is from Union. Waaay too excited if you ask me, who's been listening to her talk forever. Here's the link for her blog: http://laurentowers.blogspot.com/) Anyway, this blog is going to be très magnifique.
  But a quick little update: This new school year has been going amazing! Who knew being a freshman could rock? Everyone always complains about being a freshie, and starting at the bottom again. But, hello? I couldn't be happier. I'm still sharing a dorm with Sash--we couldn't bear being apart. Callie shares her room with Brit, and Heather is still with Alison. If you were wondering about Julia...nobody misses her. She wasn't as popular as she seemed, I guess. Heather&Alison are pretty much over her and her whining. So, thanks for reading this so far. (If you did.)
  Make sure to spread the word, kay? I'll update tomorrow, hopefully--we have the day off for, like, a holiday or something. And please, add me on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100001890478248) and twitter (https://twitter.com/#!/PaigeParkerXO.) Thanks for bearing with me! This year is going to be tres parfait!